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The ability to know and accept yourself, your strengths, abilities, purpose, and your best future, is impacted by stress, thinking style, and unmanaged emotions. By using a process called “RESET” we can develop a non-reactive mind, confidence, resilience, and clarity. Integrating Eastern psychology and Western neuroscience, we draw upon advanced hypnotic processes, meditation, and the exploration of our extensive human abilities.

Milton Erickson, the genius psychiatrist who developed a hypnotic approach to lasting change and transformation, knew the answers to living a better life, are within each person. By spending just a few minutes a day, you can enter an inner sanctuary that allows supreme calm, deep self-compassion, and the realization that within us is a place where there are no problems, anxiety, depression, or worry. This is the sacred space where hidden possibilities and potentials reside. This is the state of no worry and connection with inner confidence, reset your brain to calm, and take charge of your life.

More than a reset, time spent in the deepest mental state that opens the door to your personal sanctuary, we can become who we were meant to be. We had a client who said that he would need brain surgery to experience transformation from intense rumination on all the negative experiences he had in life. We suggested that we use deep state hypnosis and an exploration for the positive experiences in his life. Even if you can’t remember them consciously, we can find them in the unconscious mind, and this is true for each person. These are the resources we draw upon through our journey of confidence, courage, persistence, taking a risk.

So often in therapy, clients are asked to review their negative experiences in detail. While if there remains an emotional charge from any of these, they need to be addressed and resolved. But, an ongoing archeological dig for everything terrible only makes a person expert on remembering the worst.

Principles from Buddhism, yoga, meditation, and Zen blend with the latest discoveries from hypnosis, neuroscience, biology, biofeedback, and neurofeedback. Through several levels and training including noticing body tension, and a series of mental guidance, you can discover lasting contentment. Associating to the body first, and then to the mind/body connection with specific exercises helps us claim our heritage to live fully.

The liminal state is the key to transformation of mind and body. This is a state right above sleep and before we become unconscious. The training allows you to decide how to experience certain events. By using this limbic therapy that takes you to the deepest brain state possible, emotional and physical healing can occur. Even though we cannot change what happens to us, we can change our response and maintain a calmer mental state. The ability to take charge of how we handle events is different from being mindful or practicing meditation.

Try this exercise: Think of a person who makes you feel wonderful. Then call up in your mind an object that you like very much. Now imagine a place you absolutely love. Notice the positive feelings that naturally emerge and let them linger as long as possible. We want to create a positive future of wellbeing and walk into it.

Training the mind to perceive from different angles without judgment gives you flexibility and clarity. You can view your circumstances as fluid and not fixed. Out of this new perception may emerge creative thoughts and solutions to situations.

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