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Quantum Self

Quantum Self

Hypno-Bilateral Stimulation to Overcome Trauma and Achieve the Optimal Mind. 


Explore your amazing abilities to tap into an amazing power to create a new reality for yourself. Quantum Self uses powerful hypnotic exercises along with bilateral music to both dissolve past trauma and open you to a new world of optimal thinking, feeling, and behaving. By using the  advanced tools of bilateral stimulation and hypnosis to activate your Future Successful Self, you open quantum dimensions of your mind to create the change you want to accomplish. Come now into the universe of infinite possibilities.


Track 1:    The Quantum Self and Unlimited Possibilities

Track 2:    Hypnosis and Bilateral Stimulation for Resolving Trauma and Activating the Optimal Mind Track 3:    Quantum Stress Reliever Bilateral


Music by Liborio Conti

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