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In our course for Esalen Institute, Life at the Edge of Possibility, we created a Treasure Map that showed where life treasure such as achieving goals, having great relationships, and enough finances, were located on an island.  But the seeker had many obstacles standing in the way of finding the treasure.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have an Obi-Wan Kenobi or Gandalf-type figure who could not only offer specific advice on handling day-to-day business decisions, but more importantly, guide you to the people and places that would make a difference in your career long term?

The truth is that you do.  Within your mind is the unconscious which when you are quiet gives constant inner notices and information about what is the best decision and things to notice, such as synchronicities.  By using specific meditations to quiet the inner chatter, you have greater access to this power. One useful practice is to imagine the number 1 on your inner screen and as you exhale, visualize the number moving away from you.  The mind will give you all sorts of distracting thoughts. The practice is to allow them to come and go and return your attention to the number one. Doing this meditation replicates transcendental meditation and when you stay with it, amazing results occur.

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