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We have been teaching hypnosis for the last 30 years. Because it continues to be evidence-based as a tool that overcomes limitations, it is one of the quickest and most effective self-interventions to make lasting change. Hypnosis is an avenue to both access your potential to overcome what holds you back. Whether the obstacles pop up in work, relationships, or changing negative habit patterns, hypnotic strategies help you decide to be more heart centered.

In order to do this, we access the power to make emotional choices. At that choice point where we can either move in the direction of negativity, being snarky, or spilling bad temper onto others, we can choose to use empathy, compassion, and understanding. There is always a space right after you have a negative thought where you decide whether to share it. At times the space may go by quickly. But if you begin to watch for it, you can intentionally make a shift and express a heart centered emotion. Then ask yourself, what is going on that you are thinking so negatively. What is the pain behind the anger?

Recent research in neuro-cardiology demonstrates that the heart has its own nervous system. In Neurocardiology J. Andrew Armour found that the heart makes its own “decisions” about functioning apart from the central nervous system and communicates with the brain. Heartmath labs found that the heart is the center for intuition and responds first to images randomly flashed on a computer screen before the mind actually perceives them.

When you change your mindset from anxious to calm and positive expectation which hypnosis conditions, you become more aware of feelings and mental states that drive negative patterns. Rather than trying to change your thoughts, it is much easier to shift into a more relaxed state of mind. Try our gift to you at this holiday season and notice what is different for you.


In a quiet room without interruptions, sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Notice your feet on the floor provide you with grounding to the earth. Your back can sense the chair you sit in that offers good enough support.

Take a couple of nice easy breaths and begin to notice just how comfort spreads in your body. Feel your muscles letting go and imagine the body releases all unnecessary tension just like a lake evaporates steam on a cool morning. Let yourself begin to feel more comfortable.

Focus on your heart and imagine breathing in and out through this seat of intuition and love. Bring to mind someone you love and feel the warmth from the feeling your heart generates. Rest in this emotion for a couple of minutes. Count yourself down from 10-1 slowly and feel more tension leave as each number is smaller.

Now let yourself move down deeply inside yourself and enjoy the amazing comfort you create. Notice as you move deeper and deeper that you come to a place inside yourself that is beneath any concern, anxiety, sadness, or troubled feeling. This is the place of inner safety, comfort, security; it is your inner sanctuary where your best self resides.

Now think about how your best self can guide you to overcome a challenge you have. Don’t struggle with the information. Just be open. And if nothing comes yet let that be ok.

Marvel how interesting it is to notice that you have the ability to have no worry. In fact, the less your worry, the more opportunity you give your unconscious to generate amazing ideas or solutions.

Take all the time you need. When you are ready you can count yourself back up slowly. Allow the feeling of being refreshed to spread over your body and your mind. And then look forward to the rest of your day and stay tuned to synchronistic events and opportunities that occur. It really seems magical!

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