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Psychologist William James once wrote: “Sow an action and you reap a habit, sow a habit and you reap a character, sow a character and you’ll reap a destiny.”  How do you sow a character?  Primarily through self- awareness and training the mind’s eye to develop clarity and intuition about life, business, and relationship.  We become more aware of our unconscious wisdom that comes naturally to consciousness when the mind is calm rather than confused and in conflict.

According to many cultures the pineal gland was important in this endeavor. Known as the Third Eye in mystical traditions and the seat of awakening to a greater awareness of self and others, the pineal gland has been described as important in developing an awakened mind, or a mind that is aware, self-compassionate, and able to move beyond cultural overlays of dogmatic thinking.  The latest science surrounding this small gland reveals that during the circadian cycle, a biological rhythm that controls sleep, serotonin and melatonin are released in the pineal gland.  Serotonin impacts mood and leads to happier feelings.  Studies on rats’ brains determined that their pineal gland also release DMT or di-methyltriptamine, a substance that promotes psychedelic experiences and opens the mind to the transpersonal.  Whether the human brain produces endogenous DMT is still controversial. But, Leonard Wisneski, M.D. (The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine, 2009) suggests that DMT is released during deep states of meditation “culminating in visions and other experiences that could be interpreted as transcendent…” (p. 148). 

The brain wave frequency Gamma bursts out of deep theta and has been recorded in monks meditating on compassion.  Researchers noticed intuitive flashes occur at the same moment these surges of Gamma take place (Jung- Beeman, 2004; Kounios, J., and Beeman, M. 2014).

Alpha frequency tends to burst before Gamma and acts to shut down visual inputs. This process allows us to look more deeply within ourselves without the interference of limiting habits of thought and beliefs.   Not only do we have an endocannabinoid system that provides deep relaxation and healing, we have the ability to receive knowledge unavailable to us before the deep state experience.  At the moment of Gamma bursts, the experience of love flows through a person and thinking, compassion, and tolerance is enhanced.  Perhaps more meditation experiences for groups of people who seem in conflict could bring them together.

Inside the pineal gland are calcite micro crystals that consist of calcium, carbon, and oxygen that produces bioluminescense or a blue-green light.  The gland itself looks like a pine cone and tends to have a piezoelectric effect which responds to meditation, prayer, or altering one’s mood.  In fact, we see a representation of the pineal gland often in religious settings in the shape of a pine cone.  Advanced meditators report that their ability to “see” through the veil of everyday life into a reality beyond suffering where they report an amazing unity and love and deep understanding of how things really are.  This level of reality is difficult for most of us to see without mental training and because we are caught in fear, desire and attachment to things and situations.

Before using the meditation below to “open” the third eye and develop amazing insight, intuition about decisions, and pick up information about a person or object, it is recommended to stop using fluoride toothpaste and only drink filtered water, and stop eating sugar, as the pineal gland becomes calcified with toxic chemicals. 


Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor.  Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and slowly exhale through the mouth.  Now tighten up the muscles in the lower abdomen as you take in a slow breath through the nose.  Imagine your spinal fluid is moving up the spine all the way to the area of the “third eye” between your two eyes.  Now focus on the space between your eyes  (third eye) and keep the breathing going.  Then imagine that a space tunnel opens in front of you that allows you to transcend the normal world and enter into a realm where anything you ask is answered in one way or another; either through synchronistic events, information that comes to you in a dream, or a felt sense.  If you have a question, ask it of your higher mind and notice what emerges now or later.  Do this exercise for 3 minutes and expand the time when you can to 10 minutes followed by resting your attention on the imaginary space inside the skull behind the third eye location and breathing normally.  If you have any thoughts let them come and go and return your attention to the space behind the third eye.  You will notice that focusing on space immediately erases negative emotion.  This activity interrupts and shuts down your internal story and without story there is no angst.

If you go out for a walk in the week, notice when an animal is looking at you that you didn’t immediately see.  Your awareness will increase.  Notice thoughts about another person or impressions that emerge.  Ask a question to your inner mind about solving a problem.  Stop thinking about it and notice later what comes to you. 

Mind training is an important activity to keep in your life’s busy schedule.  The benefits are amazing.

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