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What don’t you know that you really know? Every learning you experienced has been recorded in your unconscious mind. By now this astounding automatic process has chronicled millions of deep understandings that are completely nonconscious. That means your body senses how to walk, talk, think logically; knows what is right, ethical, honest, and feels ahead of cognitive decisions the desirable future path to take in a confusing situation. And you can access courage, persistence, focused attention, gratitude, love, and more. You have a seemingly magic somatic sense that tells you what to do and who you really are at the deepest level. These learnings sometimes culminate in sudden epiphanies.

Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut had a cosmic epiphany on his way back from the moon. Mitchell watched the earth, moon and sun passing by the window of his rotating capsule in two-minute intervals. Looking out into space, Mitchell later recalled, “I realized that the molecules of my body and the molecules of the spacecraft had been manufactured in an ancient generation of stars.” He became aware that the existence of the universe was not accidental and that it is conscious and connected to everything. He reported feeling this awareness in his body along with an experience of ecstasy. Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore consciousness and the ordinary extraordinary human superpowers that we all have.

IONS is now working on a virtual reality experience to replicate Mitchell’s epiphany in order to share with many people. Their hope is that this adventure will help many connect to all living things so that separation and negativity is quelled.

Every person has the ability to access hidden information that is seemingly not governed by space and time. Have you ever been thinking of someone and that person calls you? Or have you been wanting to find information on a subject that will help you in some way? When you go to the bookstore, suddenly your eyes fall on just the right source.

Whenever you hear or read something or have a conversation with someone, your body responds positively or negatively with sensation. This could be in the form of internal pressure or curiosity or even an enthusiasm or a sense of repulsion. This is your amazing feedback and guidance system that you use in determining what action you want to take or not.

This astonishing superpower accesses your transcendent embodied knowledge to give you the ability to sense things about others and to just eventually know what to do in an ambiguous situation. How does it work? If you learned to ride a bicycle as a child and haven’t ridden one in a while, the first time you get back on the bicycle, you just know what to do. The learning was recorded in both the mind and body.

Any activity that you have practiced for a long time is felt in your body and senses. When in the zone, athletes allow their bodies to sense the path toward the goal. When driving a car, you use your “felt sense” to get to your destination. Musicians who sing in ensembles intuitively know how to blend their voice to create an aesthetic performance. Master chefs know what is missing from a dish. Professional therapists just know what to say and do to help their clients.

The body responds to things in ways unknown to your thinking mind. When fostered by your superconscious self, that part of you that expands your awareness beyond thought and emotion, you have access to amazing intuition, can take effective action, and access an inner strength you didn’t know was there. And there are specific ways to grow this ability which we will discuss in future blogs.

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