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We recently enjoyed attending our youngest granddaughter’s 4th birthday party held at a bouncy gym. The children walked on the balance beam, climbed on the gym bars, and displayed such fearlessness and joy in exploring new adventures. We noticed how they helped each other, hugged each other, and experienced the activity together in a state of curiosity and enchantment.

This is your original state. After a few years of life’s difficulties, it becomes more challenging to get in touch with these inner resources of curiosity, motivation, risk-taking, and persistence. Even when the worst things happen, they still reside within.

The new year is full of possibility and anticipation for doing those things for ourselves we may have put off for family or career responsibilities. Whether it is developing your mind where your understanding, clarity, and insight increases, or getting in great shape, or learning how to break through to better daily life performance, we all have an opportunity to intentionally set a new course of action.

Through 2019 we will be offering several separate modules in a short course we call Waking Up in Wonderland: Using Science For Human Consciousness Development and Creating the Awakened Mind. The course will introduce you to the best and newest discoveries from clinical psychology, neuroscience, hypnosis, spirituality, and the new biology in practical and simple information that we teach to clinicians around the planet about how to elevate and dance with your life and begin to be aware of a deeper self that supports your growth and happiness. When you discover the life power principles and strategies to plug in, your results expand. When you clear up things in your life that aren’t working, you can have a deeper sense of purpose and connection, sparkle, and vivacity everyday.

In our own practice we help people with many different challenges overcome them and learn to live in states of thriving for longer periods of time. When you improve your life and eliminate the source of stress, life is so much easier. Watch for our first module coming soon where you can go deeper into creating lasting change and exploring your amazing innate abilities.

Remember Mary Poppins’ philosophy: “ Everything is possible, even the impossible.”

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